Dr. Ryan Mueller, DMD

Dr. Ryan Mueller, DMD

Dr. Mueller’s path toward dentistry started in childhood. The son of a dentist, he knew the hard work, care, and dedication needed to pursue a career in dentistry. After completing his education at Oregon Health and Sciences University, Dr. Mueller worked with a local dental company before opening his own practice.  Using the most conservative techniques, he strives to ensure that all patients are comfortable during dental treatment.

He and his team share their collective knowledge to help patients achieve better oral health with comprehensive exams, general, emergency, and cosmetic services in a collaborative, patient-focused environment.

Patient Quote:

"Dr. Mueller is an absolute phenomenal dentist. Not only is he gifted in the dentistry profession but also in providing exemplary service to his patients and to a great extent (meaning unless you are unsatisfiable), he is not happy until you are. Maybe I can make this a little more clear to you by comparing him to different industries. Dr. Mueller is: What Steve Jobs was to Apple, what Bill Gates was (is) to Microsoft, and Finally what Les Schwab was (is) to customer service! Dr. Mueller is the real deal and is no joke (he knows his stuff), you will not find a better Dentist around so you may as well start lining up outside of his office as if you are trying to acquire the newest iPhone" 

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